Plan for Results

Maximize Return on Your Marketing Spend …
We begin with your business goals. Understanding and sharing your vision will drive everything we do for your company.
Next comes a clear-eyed appraisal of your business’s market potential, your best prospects and your competitive challenges.

Together, we will set your business sights on strategic marketing objectives:

• Articulate and project your brand
• Roll out or ramp up a new product or service
• Enlarge your market presence
• Attract qualified leads
• Retain current customers
• Beat your competitors

Most important, we will define metrics that will mark our progress toward your objectives: website visits, channel-specific traffic, conversions, lead-to-close ratios, customer retention rates, ROI … numbers matter.

At DisruptDigital we pride ourselves on achieving measurable results for our clients. What’s more, our fees are structured around delivering results, not projects.

Because if you don’t succeed – why should we?

Construction Data Corporation

“I hired Lisa’s firm to evaluate our marketing strategy. She quickly analyzed our market, our competitors, our positioning, share, and tactics. She laid out a series of concrete steps that significantly improved our business focus and direction. As a result, we held market share, increased selling margins and provided an acceptable return for our investors at exit.

Lisa is a consummate professional who achieves measurable results. I look forward to working with her again to develop a business’s potential into solid performance.”

Bill Black

CEO, Construction Data Corporation