Profit from Our Expertise:

Grow Your Data Analytics Business

Profit from our team’s more than 20 years’ experience in developing product and marketing strategies for data analytics and business intelligence companies.

We have worked with the leading innovators in data analytics for marketing, sales, risk management, international trade & transportation, and ecommerce.  Along the way, we have built a track record of rapidly growing enterprise value.

We can speed your company’s journey to success in customer-centric design and launch of online products and ecommerce applications. 

We can help you build brand presence, forge strategic business alliances, identify market opportunities, develop signature content, and execute all elements of digital marketing to strengthen and sustain sales growth.

Most recently, we’ve collaborated with companies to monetize data by defining market targets, connecting and engaging with customers, and creating synergies with business partners.

For example:

  • We’ve worked with a transportation management software company to use their accrued data assets as a springboard to lucrative new markets.
  • We’ve assisted a data analytics client on identifying, profiling and marketing to an industry that has just begun a rapid ascent to digitalization.
  • We’ve helped data industry clients in the U.S. and abroad optimize the return on their data assets by connecting them with providers of related data streams, value-added BI and analytics applications and with their most profitable markets.
  • We’ve advised international trade associations on connecting our trade data & analytics clients with their key constituents.
  • We’ve helped an e-commerce business map Web traffic patterns and profile best-match buyers to drive sales conversions.

How can your data analytics business profit from our expertise? Let’s start the conversation … 

Construction Data Corporation

“I hired Lisa’s firm to evaluate our marketing strategy. She quickly analyzed our market, our competitors, our positioning, share, and tactics. She laid out a series of concrete steps that significantly improved our business focus and direction. As a result, we held market share, increased selling margins and provided an acceptable return for our investors at exit.

Lisa is a consummate professional who achieves measurable results. I look forward to working with her again to develop a business’s potential into solid performance.”

Bill Black

CEO, Construction Data Corporation